A walking tour of Rethymno Old Town


Spreading from its Venetian harbour through a maze of alleyways and lively streets, Rethymno Old Town contains all the life, history and traditions of Crete’s third-largest city.


A walking tour of Rethymno Old Town


Sometimes Venetian, sometimes Ottoman but always unmistakably Cretan, Rethymno’s Old Town hides its secrets in plain sight. A walking tour takes you through the original settlement of the city located on Crete’s northern coastline, midway between Chania and Heraklion, introducing you to its distinctive buildings, street markets, narrow alleyways and historical monuments.


You’ll understand how the Old Town grew into Crete’s third-largest settlement, spreading from the harbour in around 1300, and appreciate how it has retained its intimacy and colour despite its growth, with little bars, cafes and concept stores opening in refurbished buildings. In many of the tavernas, you can enjoy traditional Cretan food and music.


Rethymno is one of Crete’s best-preserved settlements. Look out for the ornate doorways decorated with Venetian crests, Ottoman mosques with minarets and the wooden facades of mansions all vying for your attention – before you emerge at the waterfront by the iconic harbour.

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