I enjoy

the reputation and recognition of the Association and the brand RATTA.


we achieve more than each of us can achieve individually.

RATTA’s members

take part in working groups of our Municipalities and the Region of Crete that work on specific issues (marketing - sales, human resources, new technologies).

I regularly

receive from RATTA any kind of information (educational, tax issues, labour, insurance, law, financial, etc.) concerning tourism and the travel agent’s industry.

I am informed

with priority about events (conferences-seminars-exhibitions) that concern us.

I promote

my business through the club's website and the events that take place and promote our work.

I enjoy

the benefits offered by the cooperation of our association with various scientific and professional institutions (university, chamber, FedHatta).

RATTA’s members

with their participation in the meetings and events of the Association form our positions and the proposals of the tourist policy of Rethymno.

Being a member

of the Association I improve my business and establish our profession and reputation.

How to become a member?

By presenting your identity and the permission of the General Tourism Office (MITTE).

Paying the registration and the annual subscription of 50€.