Rethymno's Association of Travel & Tourism Agencies
Dear colleagues – Dear friends

Rethymno’s Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (R.A.T.T.A.) was founded in 1991 based in the city of Rethymno.

According to its founding statute, the association’s purposes are the ethical and physical advancement of its members, the development of solidarity and togetherness between them, the study, the protection and the support of their professional interests and the collective dealing of the problems that arise from the practicing of their profession.

The members of the association handle a big percentage of the ingoing and outgoing tourism in the county of Rethymno but also the rest of Creta.

The Association is the connective link between the professionals of the branch, it highlights their role in Tourism and encourages the entrepreneurship between members, their social responsibility and the respect for the local and foreign consumers.

It promotes the interests of Tourism without union perceptions, it actively participates in the institutions of the county and of Creta in general, it cooperates in order to create unified opinions for the development of Tourism and it defends the principles of sustainable tourism development.